S.T. SOLARCELL TECHNOLOGIES LTD has to do with the commerce of equipment , the provision of full services, the realization of projects that have to do with energy, and investments that optimize renewable sources of energy. The company specializes at photovoltaic and hybrid systems.
Our competitive advantage is a result of our client center philosophy, our sufficiently trained staff, our experienced partners, and the provision of high quality services. All together combined make it easy for us to output the wanted project and investment.
Having ensured cooperation with the biggest manufactures worldwide of photovoltaic systems and equipment A.P. E , our company guarantees the best performance and excellent technical function of the projects we overtake.
The law for the promotion of A. p .e in combination with grants given according to the law of development and the sunshine of Cyprus and Greece assure investments that have to do with the production of pure electrical power provided by the photovoltaic systems. The photovoltaic systems as far as the invested capital is concerned have a great ROE.

Furthermore the production of electric energy from the sun has as resut great benefits for our planet.

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